Smart Move is a new DVD, which was created by the best selling author, Joseph Moriarty. He is an ex-football player who is now the Director of Football Development at Leicester. As well as being highly educated and successful in his career, Moriarty is also very intelligent and has been known to be a great football coach too.

Moriarty is a great inspiration to his audience because of his personal experiences and success. What makes him different from other football coaches is that he has a unique personality, and he is passionate about what he does. One thing he does not like about most other coaches is that they don’t have a good motivational factor or show enough initiative and ambition in their coaching. One thing he does not like about other coaches is that they have a strict adherence to a rigid football style.

Footballing style

Moriarty doesn’t like this type of footballing style either and believes that there needs to be more diversity in football coaching. That is why his DVD series is so brilliant. You will learn a lot by watching his DVDs because he gives you so much interesting information.

The DVD series is divided into different chapters with the first one being named “How To Train Your Players”. The first chapters give you some great tips and training methods on how to train your players. The next chapter is named “The Importance of Coaching The Game” and this gives you some great tips on how to motivate your players and make them play better. There are also chapters on youth and women’s football as well as on how to manage your own career and team finances.

The other interesting thing about Moriarty’s DVDs is that he uses a lot of statistics and facts in them. He does not just use words and thoughts in his DVD’s. He uses graphs and pictures to explain things. I like this because it makes the viewer see things from a different perspective. The stats and the facts used in the DVDs can really help you improve your own skills in the game.

The DVDs are also very affordable and contain all the information that you could ever want in order to make sure you get the most out of the DVDs. Smarter Moves bog DVDs are the way to go if you want to learn from the best.

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