Fairtex is a well-known maker of battle gear, predominantly centered around Muay Thai. The organization is situated in Thailand and is broadly well known, both there and globally. Initially established during the 1970s, Fairtex has a long history of delivering top quality, carefully assembled hardware, embraced by numerous rec centers over the world.

About the sack

The Fairtex HB12 Angle Heavy Bag is one of three molded substantial sacks Fairtex sell, alongside their additional huge overwhelming pack, post pack, and banana pack. The uniqueness of the point substantial pack is the capacity to rehearse uppercuts effectively – this can be troublesome on a standard overwhelming sack and it’s entirely expected to turn your wrist over when you’re rehearsing. Like the greater part of their punch sacks, Fairtex just sells these in dark with white itemizing. The edge sack comes filled, weighing about 61kg.


Like I stated, Fairtex just sells these packs in dark with white composition, and by and large, the sacks tasteful is oversimplified, with a basic stylized ‘Fairtex’ reviewed the sides of the back, and a Fairtex logo at the head of one sideboard. While I don’t have anything against the pack’s plan itself, for a brand like Fairtex, who makes some out of control shaded gloves, shin protectors and shorts they do appear to be somewhat plain.

Fairtex Heavy Bags 


True to form from a significant Thai brand, Fairtex utilize excellent materials for the Angle Heavy Bag, building it out of their Syntec Leather for strength, alongside a rock-solid water safe nylon coating, and some nylon ties for holding it up. I tried this pack out at an exercise center where it had been hanging for a long time and there were no indications of tears or even significant scrapes. It seemed as though it could at present be hanging there when the structure tumbled down around it.


Fairtex is known for top-notch craftsmanship, it says nothing on the site except for I realize that they hand make a lot of their items, and I would expect the sack is the equivalent. The one I tried had been put through some serious hardship in a bustling boxing rec center and was holding together well. The sewing wasn’t giving any indications of wear, even on high-pressure zones, for example, the joints with the nylon hanging ties. In general, it was a very much made pack.

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